Artist Statement

My ceramic research deals with the exploration of the word, “Alien”. Through this inquiry my artwork looks into the wide spectrum of meanings, associations, stigmas and or emotions derived from this word. While also addressing the historical, cultural, and current socio-political aspects the word, “Alien”, means in society.

Understanding the parallels in my life, from my love for space aliens to the experience in being an Alien in the United States, has forced me to analyze the definition of being either from “out of space”, foreign, or just alienated from myself and society.

Using diverse ceramic processes, I create Alien”, objects, in precarious form that are sugarcoated in colorful and inviting exteriors for the viewer to discover hidden meanings between the relationships of each object and the viewer. I employ a playful arrangement of elements with these objects to evoke a sense of displacement and not-belonging to spark a deeper understanding from each work of art. 


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